Why Go Green?

Green commercial cleaning in the Twin Cities can have a hugely beneficial impact on your business. Since cleaning costs can eat up a large chunk of your total energy expenses—up to half!—environmentally friendly cleaning services that conserve energy can greatly reduce that number. Green commercial cleaning from Anago of Minneapolis can also minimize the risk of allergic reactions to harsh chemical cleaners or sinus infections from excess allergens in the air. With improved air quality, employees become more productive and use fewer sick days, boosting your bottom line. Your fresh, clean business or commercial property will be a more pleasant place for customers or guests, as well.

For more than 30+ years, Anago has been devoted to eco-friendly practices. We care about our planet and want to minimize our negative impact on it. Happily, when we do this, it benefits our clients, too. Get started today with green commercial cleaning services in Minneapolis and breathe easier.

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