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Minneapolis Theater Cleaning Service

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There are a great many movie theaters in the Minneapolis major metropolitan area and a great many more people who visit them. With so many people coming and going, it’s important to keep your facility clean and smelling fresh for all your movie-goers. This is why you need an experienced and capable theater cleaning service.

Anago Cleaning Systems provides a vast selection of janitorial and custodial cleaning services for movie theaters of any size. Leave the popcorn bags, empty cups, candy wrappers, and old chewing gum to us! We clean carpets and hard surface floors, furniture upholstery, empty the trash, sweep and mop the floors, and more.

What Other Janitorial Services Will Anago Provide for Your Movie Theater?

We’ll also take care of the lobbies for you, removing trash, disinfecting drinking fountains, and sanitizing crowd control poles and any game machines you may have. Anago will also clean your concession stands, including food and drink spills, mop and degrease the floors, spot clean glass cases, even wipe down the equipment and clean grease from hood filters.

Our expert staff will even clean the exterior sidewalks, emptying parking lot trash containers and smoking urns. We will also clean and sanitize restrooms, entryways and corridors in your facility. Our expert team of professional cleaners employs environmentally friendly practices and green cleaning products, ensuring that we keep the environment as clean as your theater.

Your guests should be able to enjoy their movies without stepping in gum or sticking to their seats. Let Anago Cleaning Systems keep your movie theater immaculately clean. Call us at (952) 217-5941 or contact us to request a free quote today!

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