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Office Cleaning

Here is The Anago Plan:

Green Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services.

The Anago Plan for Minneapolis is supported by the following vendors

Anago Minneapolis Vendors

  • Advanced Methods and Techniques. Our company has been a constant source of innovation for our industry in terms of the commercial cleaning services we provide. Today we offer a host of proven methods and techniques, yet we remain hungry and eager to find new and exciting ways to perform our janitorial services. Our franchisees are highly motivated, and receive ongoing orientation in the latest advancements in our industry.
  • SmartClean™. No one can dispute that a clean, healthy and appealing workplace spurs better productivity. We can create such an environment for you via a custom cleaning plan that addresses your needs and honors your budget. Anago is home to true professionals in the fields of office cleaning and commercial business facility cleaning. We consistently create work environments that promote good health for employees while making a wonderful first impression on visitors.
  • Cleaning Green. It is important for us to clean in a responsible manner, which is why we use only green cleaning products and equipment while carrying out our custodial services. Anago offers commercial clients green cleaning services that are performed using safe cleaning solutions, professional equipment, approved dispensing systems, microfiber products and recyclable containers to eliminate bacterial transfer. We are committed to cleaning in a way that honors and protects the environment and you.
  • Customized Work Schedule. Our commercial cleaners perform their services on a schedule created with your input and tailored to address your specific needs while working within your budget. Each time we clean, you can be assured that your custom cleaning plan will be carried out with precision and in the same professional fashion.
  • Client Support. We are interested in your input, and know that keeping open lines of communication is vital to your satisfaction and a successful partnership. Our client service lines are open 24/7/365, and emergencies are always addressed with a response from us within two hours. Regular inspections and client surveys are also employed in order to keep you apprised of completed work and to assure your continued satisfaction.
  • Communications Log. As you might expect, the bulk of our work is performed after work hours have ended. Because you won't be there while we work, we keep a Communications Master Work Order on-site to apprise you of the daily and rotational work that has been completed. Constant communication and accountability are at the heart of what we do, and are a key to your satisfaction with our work.
  • Security Protection. The uniformed professionals working in your office or commercial facility are always bonded and insured. They are also committed to confidentiality and discretion as they carry out their work.
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